Happy Fathers Day

To the king of our castle, we love and appreciate you.

Happy Father’s Day❤


Happy Anniversary..

Our blog turns 1🥂🎂🎉🎁

Happy 1 year to our blog.. 🥂💗❤🎈🎉

What a beautiful journey. I have learnt so much, I have met such Incredible people and 11 years of nappies has become a brand..

Who would have taught that 11 years of nappies in our home would become a brand?

I am blessed and honoured for the doors blogging has opened and what it has taught me.

To my family, my biggest supporters and cheerleaders, my husband and kids Thank you for being apart of this process and for your input, support and love.❤

To everyone that has been apart of this journey, from creating, to guest writing, to content selection to being a feature, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you ❤💜

Thank you to everyone for your likes, comments, shares and retweets, I really appreciate all the love and support. 🙏

For those who have subscribed, Thank you.

I am so Grateful 💜

If you haven’t please do. You don’t want to miss upcoming content.



Its #MomsMorningDrive

Its Friday.

It’s the last day of school.


Our squad all passed 💜🥂💗

Congratulations 🥂

I hang out with the coolest squad everyday.. I am blessed.
Happy Friday..🥂

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He Graduates..

It’s all we talking about..💗🥂

My handsome, talented and super smart brother graduated last night and I am immensely proud of him❤🥂

“Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” —Henry Peter Brougham

What we learn with pleasure we never forget. —Alfred Mercier

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Today we have yet another beautiful and talented mama, Karen Posselt. Karen runs the website Nourishing Tweens. She specializes in planning amazing family vacations that are inexpensive, yet full of learning and relaxation

Karen runs the website Nourishing Tweens. She specializes in planning amazing family vacations that are inexpensive, yet full of learning and relaxation.

Her website, www.nourishingtweens.com, also has tips for raising healthy, happy, thoughtful tweens and teens.

Follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/nourishingtweens Facebook at www.facebook.com/nourishingtweens and Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/karenposselt

Today Karen spills tea on a topic I believe we all as parents need to be aware of.

How Parents Can Help Prevent Teenage Suicide?

Why we need to talk about suicide

This isn’t a topic any parent wants to think about. Unfortunately, the responsibility falls on us as adults to prevent suicide, so we need to think about what to do whether we like it or not. Suicide rates among young people have been rapidly increasing over the past few years. In the US, suicide is the second most common cause of death amongst 10-34-year-olds (after accidents). In the UK, there were 177 suicides among 15- to 19-year-olds in 2017, which was up significantly from previous years. The biggest increase everywhere is amongst tween and teen girls. In the UK, suicide is now the leading cause of death for girls ages 5-19.

Why adults need to take action

Many schools are taking action by teaching students to look out for each other. That is necessary since kids often tell each other things that they wouldn’t tell adults. However, adults need to take the burden off of those kids. Parents need to open up the conversation and take the weight off of the young person’s shoulders. We need to let our kids know that if they hear something, they need to tell us so WE can handle it. Teenagers are under so much pressure, and their mental health is suffering. They need to know that the adults in their lives can help.

Know the signs

70-80% of the time, there is warning ahead of time that a person is thinking of suicide. Parents need to know the signs and look for them not only amongst our own children, but we should also be looking at our child’s friends and other kids that we interact with. These signs include:

  • Expressing hopelessness about the future

  • Withdrawal from friends and/or family

  • Sleeping more or less

  • Anger, irritability, or sadness that seems out of character

  • Changes in appearance

What to do if you are concerned about your child

What if you notice some of these signs in your own child? ASK. If you hear hints – ASK. Some adults are afraid that if they mention suicide to their child, it will put the idea into their head. It won’t. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t avoid it. Often, people become suicidal because they feel alone. You need to talk to your children so they know you are there for them. People become suicidal because they are in pain and they want their pain to end. Help them deal with their pain. Be with them in the pain and help them endure.

How can you prevent your child from getting to this point?

Starting from a very young age, you can help your children. You need to love them and spend time with them and let them know they are important – you are already doing all of these things! To build their mental health, you need to:

  • Build up their resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from problems. For more on this topic, read my article about how to help your kids become more resilient.

  • Teach your children to have a growth mindset. Growth mindset is the idea that you have the power to increase your intelligence and abilities through hard work and persistence. People who have a growth mindset feel like they have more control over their lives. For more information, read my article about how to raise your kids with a growth mindset.

  • Limit screentime and social media. Studies have shown that screentime affects brain development.. In the US, there is a growing movement to not allow children to have social media or smartphones until 8th grade (age 13/14). It’s called “Wait until 8th.” Social media is known to affect mental health, increasing depression and anxiety. It exposes children to cyberbullying and takes time away from other more healthy activities.

Resources for suicide prevention

Befrienders.org is a worldwide group working to prevent suicide. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. Samaritans is a group that is working toward suicide prevention in the UK and can be reached at 116 123.

Remember parents – we are all in this together. If we all dedicate ourselves to raising our kids right and looking out for other people’s children, too, we can make a difference.

Squad Goals..👌❤

Today the squad stayed home and we decided on a chill day..

We got up at 8:30am but only got out of bed after 9:30am (its needed)

Before getting out of bed I read this and really thought about it but before I started over thinking things and getting into my feelings about things I cannot change, I thought hey…

Focus on things you can control and that you can change.

With that thought, I got breakfast started.. Breakfast served at 10am, kids had cereal with tea and hot chocolate. I couldn’t resist a bowl of jungle oats. Jungle oats with nuts, chunky fruit pieces, a drizzle of honey and dash of nolac milk. No better way to start my Tuesday. Yummy yum yum👌😋

After breakfast, we got cleaning. For us it is so important to teach our kids about cleaning and being responsible. Our kids clean their own rooms, do dishes and our girls have learnt to take washing off the line. This is not just about preparing them for life and their partners but it empowers them to be able to do things on their own. The best thing in life is to be able to do things for yourself..

At 1 we were hungry and it was time for lunch. The squad asked for french toast except Ethan (his allergic to both eggs and nuts) and that’s exactly what we had..Yummy 👌😋

We lunched and just chilled. The kids watched movies and lazed around..

Let us be good to the next generation and empower them..

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Today we have an Amazing, beautiful and strong mama on the blog.

She is testament that we can get through our toughest battles.

I am Shontel Kelly aka Shoni, 46yrs old, Born in Kimberley, South Africa. I have two boys aged 23 and 25yrs, Widowed, my husband passed away on 25th April 2017, we were married for 12 years.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words, I would say,




Motherhood has taught me that, A mothers job is never done, even though you have adult children it doesn’t stop there.

It taught me to love unconditionally, to cry behind closed doors and to support my kids no matter what happens. The hardest thing to do is when you give tough love to your kids, they just don’t know how it hurts, but at the end of the day they need to spread their wings and learn to fly.

Marriage has taught me alot. I was married twice, my firdt marriage was onr of the toughest but it taught me to be strong, that no matter what life gives you, get up dust yourself off and lift your head high, it can happen to anyone, but I didn’t have to live in an abusive marriage.

It taught me that I have a choice in life, I always thought what are people going to say, but at the end of the day people didn’t matter, my life mattered and I chose freedom.

My second marriage was the total opposite. A man that wanted to love me but I always had my guard on, and his words were “why should I suffer because of another man’s afflictions”. It taught me to let go and let God. I started trusting again, loving again, living again.

Some life lessons I have learned on my journey is that in life you are the most important person. You need to take care of you first and then you’ll be able to take care of your family, it’s like being selfish in an unselfish way. Do not allow any negative energy to take control of your life. When you hit rock bottom its the best place to start over again, but just don’t give up.

Most importantly I’ve learnt that a God wise enough to create me & the world I live in is wise enough to watch out for me Jeremiah 29:11

On my life journey I had to deal with alot and overvome even more.
Wow, okay where do I start, I have overcome so many challenges in my life. My younger son was on drugs, literally a few months after my husband passed away was the most painful and toughest process. It broke me to see how he was deteriorating. He stole over R20 000.00 worth of my catering equipment. I put him out but I kept giving him another chance until one day I said no more enough is enough and said this time I don’t care what happens to you get out of my life, I called the cops for my son. Tough love again, it hurts like hell, because to put your son out like a dog is heart-breaking, you keep thinking is he okay did I make the right decision. I prayed for him 24/7. One day he made a choice to go to rehab and I supported him in everything, he chose to get his life in order. A mother’s love is unconditional, I never stopped praying for him I never stopped loving him. I continue to show him love and support irrespective the circumstance.

My biggest achievement as a woman would be, well it’s definitely not silver or gold LOL, on a serious note, my biggest achievement is that I’m still standing but by the Grace of God.

I am an independent woman, successful in my career and still aiming for higher, I came out stronger in every challenge.

My Advice to other moms, wives anx women is to be selfish in an unselfish way and take care of you, it gives you more insight of where you are in life, and you have the strength to.handle the situation you are facing.

If, it is out of your hands let it be. Take risks. Live, Love and Laugh more often.

If I could be any animal, I would definitely love to be an Eagle.

They are beautiful, strong and fight their battles in the air, They have stamina and resilience.

2 things in 2019 that I am looking forward to is, My passion is to be a motivational speaker and I would love to pursue this before the end of 2019 and to meet a soul mate.

I’ve asked someone to describe me in 3 words and this is the answers.




Wow. What a beautiful mom, strength and perseverance is something we can all learn from her.

Thank you Shontell.


After celebrating my sister’s 40th birthday last night with Incredible people, great company, Amazing music, delicious food and loads of dancing.

I gave myself the day off. Lying in bed for the day. Every now and then we all deserve a day off. A day of doing absolutely nothing.

Day in the life..


Thursday 6th June

Super chilled morning, only got out of bed at 8:30. The squad was home today.

We had breakfast together (white porridge, yummy😋) and the squad tidied up their bedrooms, cupboards and shoes.

I did my normal duties and cooked a yummy meal, fat cake and mince 😋and made bran muffins coz, why not?


Rob came home tired, stressed out and frustrated after a hectic stressful day at work. I took his gym bag, ran his bath and dished up for him.. I kept saying to him, tomorrow will be a better day..

When my person comes home feeling deflated, I just encourage him, affirm him and shower him with love💜

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